John ‘Nice Arse’ Winder


Ask any gaggle of schoolgirls in the land to describe John and you will be answered “Eccentric”, “Argumentative”, “Less Hairy than he used to be” and “Does what it says on the label”.

But how well do they really know the mercurially talented banjo player of the band? Would they, for instance, be aware that John won first prize in the “most improved bottom” category of this year’s ‘Otley and District Wet Y-Front’ competition? I think not!

John embodies the rock and roll spirit of the band with his “Live fast, die young, leave a burnt-out 2CV” ethos. But sorry ladies – he’s taken! Play that funky banjo, “nice arse”.


Why did you start playing your instrument?
No choice – I just knew I could right from when I was very small.

What was the first music that influenced you?
The stuff I did with my cousin before I could actually play!

How did you get involved in the band?
Answered Rob’s advert in the Wolverhamtpon Music Shop.

Why do you do it?
Why not? I love it!

What is your inside leg measurement?
31 inches

What has been your favourite moment so far?
Probably every gig, right at the end when I make lots of noise then drop my guitar on the stage and walk off.

Where do you think the RT fit in with the current music scene?
I think we’re more than a local band, given the chance. We’re a great festival band and could do bigger things.

What is the capital of Chile?
Santiago, apparently.

What is the title of the third album and when is it going to be released?
“Dog Drove South”, late 2005

Where would you like the band to be going in the future?